Essence of Laurel
Essence of Laurel



ART FROM THE HEART is whimsical, colorful, and spirit-filled.

 It will grace your space! Laurel D. Rund

Laurel D. Rund - the Essence of Laurel

Laurel D. Rund is the Essence of Laurel.  Her artwork is called Art From the Heart.


The Essence of Laurel came to life when Laurel D. Rund went through a personal metamorphosis. After experiencing the loss of her spouse in 2009, Laurel serendipitously discovered her creative talents in a new season of her life.

  • Laurel's Art from the Heart is her playground; a place where she taps into her innermost creativity as an inspirational artist. Laurel's artwork always tell a story to be interpreted by the viewer.
  • During the time of healing after loss, Laurel discovered her voice through journaling and poetry.   Emerging Voices Living On: A Journey Through Loss to Renewal, was created as Laurel walked the long path of  personal healing  from grief to renewal.
  • This is at the core of Laurel's beliefs "The story of my life is ever-unfolding. At times it may feel like a drama, comedy, romance, or tragedy. Regardless of the genre of my current situation, I know that I am the author of my life story. If I find myself reliving the same narrative repeatedly, I can choose to make edits to the plot line and determine the outcome. Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly."

Laurel's Journal

Woman in the Wind by Laurel D. Rund

Blog Posts from Laurel

Woman in the Wind – It is written in stone!

I have encountered many storms and rainbows during this journey called Life.

Breathing in new thoughts and perspectives, I have unearthed more about the spirit within me and bless the earthly form I was born into decades ago.

Time has gifted me with many challenging and exquisite moments
which are woven into the tapestry of my Being. 

I now honor and embrace that which is my sacred soul, 

and love its eternal spirit - my Essence.
Free to spread my wings and fly, I Am a Woman in the Wind!

And SO IT IS written in stone.

Laurel D. Rund

Emerging Voices Living On - A Journey to Renewal

Emerging Voices Living On - A Journey Through Loss to Renewal by Laurel D. Rund - Essence of Laurel

A Book About Loss, Grief and Renewal

Laurel's book, Emerging Voices-Living On: A Journey Through Loss to Renewal  is intended to be a heart-felt gift to the reader as he or she travels down the painful and winding road of loss. In addition to the poetry and artwork within the book, there are blank journal pages  which provide a place for each individual to record his or her own thoughts and unique feelings. 

Writing helped Laurel heal during the traumatic time after the death of her husband. Her intent in sharing her poetry and art is to the offer a place of solace, hope and comfort to others when they are traversing the path of loss and grief. 


Emerging Voices Living On: A Journey Through Loss to Renewal  is available on

You can also order the book directly through Laurel and will receive an autographed copy and accompanying CD of music inspired by the book.


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Essence of Laurel