The Soul Never Thinks Without a Picture

The Soul Never Thinks Without a PictureAristotle

Whether it be naming a new piece of art, or finding a quote to go with it – the pairing of words and images energizes my spirit.   I then, with intent, share my work with others to kindle inspiration.

It’s been a busy year for me. I’ve joined several business-networking groups as an entrepreneurial woman; and I’ve participated in women’s spiritual groups to feed my soul.   It all boils down to building special relationships that have genuine meaning to me.

I have always gravitated to people that I can share conversation with in a profound way. Sure, I can make “small talk” and have lots of fun kibitzing.   I love to laugh and to play – that brings joyfilled moments into my life.   But I must admit, I most treasure the time when I get to know someone in a thoughtful and authentic way.   Ahh – a very important word was just used here. Authentic. After many decades, being “me” in an authentic way is what brings a smile to my eyes and opens my heart to others.  I’ve taken down the mask of what I thought I was supposed to be, and found my ‘I AM’.

And, because I tend to think and hear in pictures, many of these open-hearted conversations create beautiful images in my mind.   As Aristotle said The Soul Never Thinks Without a Picture.   My soul is made up of a tapestry of images.

Here’s a challenge – why not share a few minutes today with someone you only know on a casual level.   Go beneath the surface, be present, be authentic, listen and learn.   Perhaps you will be gifted with something unexpected and delicious. And, it may be the beginning of a new, important relationship.  What do you have to lose?

Have a great day- may it be filled with exquisite moments.   Laurel

Art from the Heart quote card by Laurel D. Rund

I went to the beach last weekend with a notebook and pen in hand.  The poem below opened the door to my writing, which had been closed and dormant for awhile.  Again, pairing an image with words!  Ain’t life just grand…. Laurel

Poem by Laurel D. Rund about writing


  1. Kelly K Stevens says:

    Words as lovely as the lady who wrote them! I miss you dear friend!

  2. Angela Steusloff says:

    Laurel, You have such a thoughtful soul, that is what I love about you. “I am”, love this too! Excellent read, from one soul sister to another.

  3. Lori Devine says:

    This made my heart smile and I felt your words!

    Well said my friend!

    Have a blessed day!

    Lori D

  4. Lisa Flynn says:

    Lovely Laurel. Thanks for sharing. Would love to reconnect sometime soon. It’s been too long!

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