The $50,000 Question by Jane Barr

The $50,000 Question

Contributed by Jane Barr, CPC, ELI-MP

Metamorphosis-Your StoriesIt’s November, 2011. I’ve had health problems for months and now that I am not traveling for work I have the time to see a Dr.  OK, let’s admit the truth. I’ve been putting off going to the Dr., afraid to hear any bad news. And now the Dr. has said it… “Jane, you have a pre-cancerous condition. “Pre-cancerous? What is that? Is that like being a little bit pregnant? And you want me to have a $50,000 dollar operation with no guarantees? And if I don’t then I’m probably dead in 4-5 years?  The $50,000 question!

And what causes this condition? The Dr. says that no one really knows.

And does it ever just disappear on its own? And the Dr. says, sometimes but we don’t know why. Riiiggghhhttt! And I walk out the door.

That is the beginning of my journey. At first it’s a journey of just holding on to my sanity. First stop is the hypnotist. The purpose of hypnosis is to help relax my mind so that I don’t stay in fight or flight syndrome and can heal faster.

One big problem with cancer is that when a person is told they have the dreaded big C they generally go into fight or flight syndrome. Our bodies don’t know the difference between being chased by a lion in a jungle and being frightened by a Dr.’s diagnosis. Our brain instantly starts dumping 33 hormones into our bodies. The purpose of the hormones is to give us the strength to fight or flee.  Unfortunately in our modern society most of us aren’t physically running anywhere so those hormones don’t get used up and they literally tear down our bodies making us even sicker.

Next stop is a holistic Dr. who has me fill out a 48 page form. His determination is that the first Dr. diagnosed the external symptoms correctly but missed the cause. I  most likely have Celiac. I have my choice. I can have a biopsy to verify this new diagnosis or I can just see what happens if I eliminate all gluten from my diet. If I have the biopsy and it is positive then I still will have to change my diet. I choose to make the radical change in diet now. No meat, no fat, no sugar, no dairy, no processed foods and of course no gluten which means no wheat, no rye, no barley.  My husband (bless him) goes on the diet with me. We eat beans and greens and a little fruit 7 days a week. Plus I can’t count how many vitamins.

Final stop is an acupuncturist and a massage therapist who work to clear my system of the toxins.  Weekly treatments start to take hold and within about 6 months I’m starting to see a big improvement. A year later the problem which was diagnosed as cancer is almost gone. Yes, gone.

Here is the thing about being Celiac. It’s like being allergic to peanuts or addicted to alcohol. I can’t have even a tiny bit or my body starts to break down again. Nothing means nothing.  I have to make a life decision, a full out commitment to change my life. Or perhaps I should say a commitment to live.

I’m telling you this not because I want you to feel sorry for me. I’m telling you this story in order to share how this experience has become my metaphor for life in general.  When something isn’t working in my life I check-in with the questions that I discovered in working my way back to health and happiness.

Art from the Heart by Laurel D Rund

  1. Is there something that I am avoiding dealing with in my life? Building a barrier against a problem, walking away from it or trying to avoid it works for a while. But in the end if we don’t deal directly with the problem it will get worse. We have to face our concerns, see the doctor, or talk out the problem in order for it to start to improve.
  2. What am I pushing against? When we hear bad news most people react from a place of fear, or frustration. It’s normal and natural to react negatively. But all that does is make the problem bigger. It’s like pushing against swinging door and then not moving out of the way and getting hit with it. We have to learn to go with life and work with life in order for life to work with us.
  3. How can I make a good decision? The key to making a good decision is to stay calm and allow our intuition to guide us. A pastor suggested that when we are not able to make a decision that we should say “Spirit speak to me” and then turn on the radio and the answer will be in the first words we hear. Recently I was trying to make a decision between two important options and I tried her suggestion. When I turned on my car so I could hear the radio, the dashboard lit up with “Hybrid System Indicator” LOL – guess I got my answer.
  4. How committed am I to my decision? When we make a decision we have to commit to sticking with it long enough so that we can see the results coming to fruition. Prosperity coach Marilyn Jennet says that if we say we are committed one day but back away the next day it is like giving two different directions to a cab driver and expecting him to know where to take us. Commitment is the courage to make radical changes in our lives, to go against the norm and be OK with not being the same as everyone else, to be willing to ask for what we need.
  5. Do I believe it is possible? Psychologist Linda Wells once said to me, it’s not enough to know something intellectually. We have to “know, know” in our heart and mind that it is possible in order for it to come into our lives. If we believe or “know” that what we want is possible and we are patient and committed to whatever it is we want to show up in our lives then it will happen for us. We can think about it like this. If we want to build a chair we first have to get the picture of the chair in our mind. Once we are really clear and believe it can be built then all we have to do is pull together the materials, any support we might need from other people, and then build the chair. But first we have to be able to see the chair and believe that it’s possible to build it.
  6. What is getting in my way? What is going on for us on the outside is only an indicator of what is going on for us on the inside. As Paul and Layne Cutright taught me, we are never upset for the reason we think we are.  In order to cure the outside we first have to get to the underlying cause and cure it. If we are upset, overwhelmed, frustrated, etc. it is common to think that it is because of what is happening around us or to us. The truth however, is that it’s not what is happening to us but how we are responding to or thinking about the situation or person. Our underlying thoughts are what we have to shift or cure in order for our situation to get better.
  7. Have I said yes to life? Finally the metaphor means to me that we have to say yes to life, saying yes to health and yes to happiness. It means to be joyful in the morning, to be at peace at night, to live each moment as though we want to live. It means to be alive with enthusiasm, energy confidence, authenticity, and to love life so much that we will do whatever it takes to stay alive.


Bio ~ Jane Barr, CPC, ELI-MP        Jane Barr, CPC, ELI-MP

Jane Barr is CEO of Kinnexion and a certified Energy Leadership Coach.

Jane has worked for 30 years as a consultant to national retailers such as CVS, GAP and Vera Bradley   with oversight responsibility for system re-engineering projects.  Jane knows what it takes to deliver a project on time and on budget, to build strong teams and to generate add-on business worth millions of dollars.

She also know what it means to have a successful career and then, at mid-career, to find yourself exhausted and wondering; “Is this all there is to life?” or “How can I get off this treadmill?” or simply “Now what?”

As a coach, Jane specializes in helping smart, savvy business-women to reengineer and reenergize their careers so they can stop feeling like they are pushing boulders up mountains and start moving their careers forward in a way that is fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Jane’s coaching certifications include: iPEC Energy Leadership, High Power Presentations, Relationship Savvy, Dale Carnegie Leadership and Communications, and Perfect Customers.

Website: /

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For All Intents and Purpose – A Life Redefined! Angela Long

For All Intents and Purpose – A Life Redefined!

Contributed by Angela Long

For All Intents and Purpose – A Life Redefined!

In early 2004, I was a busy mom of two active children. My healthy, happy bundles of joy (ages two and five) were destined for greatness, I was sure of it. Why? Because I was fortunate to be home with them, having the privilege of spending 24/7 helping to shape my children into excellence;  teaching them all the things things I had learned in my lifetime.

At that time in my life, that was my intent and purpose. Good days were good, and bad days were…. well, not so good. My happiness hinged on how well my children behaved and performed, because that was a representation of how I was doing as a mother and a person. But, my biggest struggle was that they had minds of their own and preferred doing what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it!  All of my wisdom and knowledge seemed to fall on deaf ears, especially for my five-year-old. My hope was that one day I would figure out that magic formula to help him see the light and follow this path to great success that I had laid out for him and his sister.

Then in February of that year, at the age of 35, a twist of fate happened.  I heard these three little words that would forever change my view on life … You have cancer.”

It was an aggressive breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and was considered to be late stage II.  I was suddenly thrown into a world where my health and my needs had to come first. My children’s future depended on it!

My biggest worry was if I didn’t survive this, there would be no one to shape my children into the excellent human beings they could become. I carefully followed the doctor’s recommendations of treatment, a total of six surgeries, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and a year of targeted medicine specific to my type of cancer.

During that time, I was forced to rely on others to help care for my children and me. As someone used to doing it all, this was very difficult.  It made me feel weak; more so than the chemotherapy poison that was being injected into my body. Fortunately, the love and support from my wonderful husband, family and friends helped to ease my pain, fear, and sense of overwhelming vulnerability.

Throughout my treatment, I couldn’t wait for it to be over so that I could get back to my normal life. However, when my treatment was complete, I didn’t see things quite the same way as I had before my diagnosis. My view on life had been redefined for me without my permission. I was left to figure out a whole “new normal.”  Who was I?  What I was doing? Where I was going?  And, the consuming thought ~ the fear of my cancer returning.

I felt much like a caterpillar in its cocoon. I was going through the motions of life, but had pulled away from it, too. At a time when I should have been embracing my every breath, I was finding it hard to breathe.

A gradual transformation happened, and realizations came to me one-by-one over the next several years. I learned to cope with the fear of my cancer returning by focusing on creating visions of a healthy future. Through study and experience, I discovered that my thoughts could either feed my fear or, alternatively, help me to heal…I chose the latter! 

I knew that my needs had to remain a priority and as the kids got older, this got easier to manage. It was then that I decided to become a life-long student of health of my body, mind and spirit through fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness.

I realized that my life’s intent and purpose was out there waiting to be revealed to me ~ in addition to my treasured role as a mother.  I embrace my everyday and the joy of that day, especially when it helps others.  My happiness and delight is found through experiencing life, taking chances, using my gifts, and expanding myself through learning, loving and living.

Facing cancer opened me to many life lessons. Ironically, many were taught to me by my smart, independent and capable children.  I’ve transitioned from being their director and teacher to more of their observer, encourager and guide.  Though I still see my most important and treasured role as their mother,  I have come to understand the only change and greatness I am responsible for is that within me.



Bio for Angela Long

Angela LongSince her breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, Angela Long has been drawn to helping others through what she has learned along the way and enjoys discovering others who share that passion.

Angela is the founder of Breast Investigators, an online comprehensive breast cancer resource networks to help others find the information, care, and support resources they are in search of. She is also the host of Girl Talk on Health, a monthly meet up in Sarasota, Fl where she invites expert guest speakers to freely share their knowledge to help women improve their health. Angela strongly believes that by sharing information, it helps empower to have better conversations with their doctors about their own best care and make informed decisions with regard to their best health.

breast investigators Angela is a tireless fundraiser for non-profits and educating family, friends and acquaintances on the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection. She also helped many other breast cancer survivors during their journey through treatment.

But even with all of this, Angela felt the need to do something more and decided to take her advocacy work online. Through her volunteer and advocacy work in her community, she began seeking out and studying national organizations and foundations that offer information, support and programs that serve those affected by breast cancer in addition to those that promote the prevention and cure of cancer.

It is Angela’s intention on to create a platform where women and men can gain from the knowledge of experienced and authoritative members of the network, learn of local events and resources available to them, and connect with others. She believes that, together, we can take the mystery out of breast cancer.

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The Lesson Of Long-Term Marriage by Lorraine Devon Wilke

The Lesson Of Long-Term Marriage:

What’s Better Is So Much Better Than What’s Worse

Contributed by Lorraine Devon Wilke 

Twenty-three years ago today I got into a car with a very handsome man dressed in blue pants and a white shirt, drove a couple of hours to a courthouse in the very bucolic town of Mt. Vernon, Washington and, during the lunch break of a local judge, and in the presence of the bailiff and court secretary, married the man to whom I am still married today. The bailiff fired off a few snapshots from my then-cheesy 35mm camera (pictures I, years later, Photoshopped to the excellent results below!), we had lunch at a nearby cafe where a bottle of champagne and a slice of pecan pie with a bride & groom atop awaited us, then we drove north to Vancouver to spend three days at the Pan Pacific Hotel as our rainy, wondrous honeymoon. It was perfect… and when people ask if I ever regret not having a wedding, I assure them I still think it was perfect, to this very day.

There is much to be said for weddings done right (I covered a few of those HERE) and certainly the topic of marriage is a deep and many-layered one (in The Warmest Chord my own heartfelt perspective is offered), but on this anniversary, from where I sit many years beyond that glorious Pacific Northwestern day, currently miles away from my stoic, stalwart husband who continues to deal with the ramifications of brain injury, the message of marriage I have to share is a different one than I had 23 years ago.

It’s a stronger one; one built more on wisdom, resilience, commitment and compassion than wild romance and youthful lust. Though, don’t get me wrong; I’m all for romance and lust, revel in it whenever it presents itself (which, as most of us would attest, is never enough!), but life teaches that any long-term relationship survives within an unpredictable mix of emotion and events… and the way we respond to both. And the longer I live the more I realize, while I may not be able to predict events that come flying my way (damn that unpredictable universe), I can do something about how I interpret, respond to, and learn from those unfolding moments.

The Lesson Of Long-Term Marriage by Lorraine Devon Wilke Love is a funny thing, too. It keeps you attached and aware of that other person; sensitive to their needs and emotions, impacted by the events of their life that can overlap your own. Sometimes those intersections are lovely, sometimes they’re… challenged. As any couple knows who’s dealt with illness, adversity, injury, or any of those kinds of unexpected events that knock us off our feet  – a job lost, a disease diagnosed, a family member’s death; a brain injury – marriage can become about endurance and tenacity, a balance between attachment and detachment, even an ability to let go when needed to allow life to reorganize into some different while you’re away.

As the wife of a husband dealing with brain injury, I’ve learned about that part of being married. I’ve learned (as I wrote years ago in Love In the Age of MTBI) how circumstances can change and impact a marriage, make it more complicated and mercurial, shake it up in ways that can both take your breath away (and not always in a good way) and make you realize how strong your relationship really is, strong enough to endure the dark corners stumbled upon repeatedly and sometimes without warning. When pain episodes strike, when the walls go up and the lights go down and you realize plans will change, warmth will take a holiday, communication will be backburnered in lieu of necessary isolation and silence, it’s then that you face the reality of what you and your chosen one created back on that magical day, years earlier, in a courthouse in Mt. Vernon…

The tether. The bond. The connection. You can pull apart because you have to, because you both need time to regroup and recalibrate, but you never stop feeling the connection. The love. The sense that you are family and you will get through this to a happier time, a better time.

And while away, if you’re smart, you’ll take the opportunity to pursue your own “vision quest.” You’ll pay attention, listen, learn, and remember that thoughts impact reality; you’ll readjust your own view of life to get stronger, more compassionate and loving… to him and to yourself.

And if, during that time, an anniversary pops up, you’ll pay attention to that, too. You’ll look at that person – from wherever you are – with all the love you feel, all the belief you have in what’s good and right, and you’ll … celebrate another anniversary. Another year of marriage.  Another worse endured for all that is better.

Because what you find when you step away, when you take that breath, and look at the reality outside of pain and the adversities life throws at you, is that what’s better is so, so much more than what’s worse. Worse, you can overcome; better, is the life you’ve created and will continue to create. That’s the lesson, the true gift of a long-term marriage.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Essence of Laurel

 Lorraine Devon Wilke

Lorraine Devon Wilke

Follow Lorraine Devon Wilke on Twitter, Facebook, The Huffington Post, Addicting Info, and her blog @ Rock+Paper+Music. You can view her fine art photography at Fine Art America; details and links to her music and other work @



A Fighter’s Spirit by Jillian Bullock

A Fighter’s Spirit

Contributed by Jillian Bullock


Three and a half years ago, while training in mixed martial arts, I suffered a torn rotator cuff. After surgery and extensive rehab my doctor told me to hang up my gloves – that my days training in boxing and martial arts were over. The doctor said that it was one of the worst tears he had seen and warned me that if I tried to go back to training, I could forever lose the use of my right arm.

This was shattering news for me. I had over thirty years in sports and fitness. As a former competitive athlete, I was making a living as a certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and the creator of “Fighting Spirit Warriors” (a self-defense fitness program for girls and women). The doctor’s devastating news felt as if someone had kicked the wind out of me. Not being able to train challenged the fighter within me; I gained over 50 pounds and my confidence and self-esteem began to plummet.

Jillian Bullock talks about her fighting spirit in Metamorphosis-Your StoriesYou see,  my fighter’s spirit was being severely challenged – fitness and training in boxing, wrestling and the martial arts have always been my way of coping with hardships, challenges and obstacles in my life. When I was raped at age eleven by a family friend, I began training in Tae Kwon Do to help defend myself and to ease the raw emotional pain and anger I felt inside. At age fifteen, when I became homeless after my mother kicked me out of the house, I managed to continue going to karate class to get my black belt. In my twenties, I survived a difficult divorce by training to achieve a black belt in Wing Chun. In my thirties, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and turned to wrestling to help me overcome my depression and to “fight” the disease. There has never been a moment in my life when I did not use fitness and training to help me get through some of the toughest of times.

I finally called upon ‘my fighter’s spirit” and did what I knew would be best for me! Using my knowledge and expertise as a personal trainer, I came up with a fitness program for myself. Training slowly and steadily,  I have vigorously worked towards getting back into “fighting shape.” In fact, I now train three hours a day, six days a week. My personal fitness program includes weight-training, cardio conditioning drills, yoga, endurance and plyometric training, as well as boxing and mixed martial arts.

Many individuals have asked me to speak at their businesses, organizations, or events because they feel that my “fighter’s spirit” story inspires, uplifts and empowers people from all walks of life. As a fitness expert, motivational speaker and empowerment coach, I use my story, knowledge and experiences to help other people learn how to use fitness to get into shape and to overcome obstacles in their lives.

During my empowerment speeches I tell audiences life is similar to a fight in the ring – that individuals who want to overcome challenges and obstacles should “look into” the mindset of a champion fighter.  The fighter may be getting his butt kicked; may go down to the mat repeatedly; may have broken ribs and a broken nose – but the champion fighter would rather be carried out on a stretcher than to quit or throw in the towel!

Today I am embarking on a tour called “The Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight to Have A Safe Life.” During this one-year tour I will be traveling throughout the country with the mission “to reach and to teach” one million girls and women about why being physically fit is so vital in helping to reduce their chance of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence. This includes teaching safety tips and preventive measures about how to spot a predator and the RED Flag Warning Signs of an abuser.

My philosophy is that having a fighter’s spirit is vital in order to deal with everything life throws at you. My motto is  “When life deals you hardships and challenges which threaten your happiness and success, you have a choice – either lie down and quit or stand up and fight!”

I am grateful that I listened to my own “fighter’s spirit” and never gave up my dream to help people. It is my life mission to embolden individuals to be victors, not victims!


Fall seven times, stand up eight  ~  Japanese Proverb

Metamorphosis - Your Stories of transformation and self-realization

Bio – Jillian Bullock

Jillian Bullock talks about her fighting spirit in Metamorphosis - Your Stories

Jillian Bullock, who is a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, is an author, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, a fitness expert, a motivational speaker and empowerment coach. She is also the CEO of Jaguar Productions, Inc., a film and sports entertainment company and the CEO of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, a fitness, wellness and empowerment company.

As a former competitive martial artist and boxer with over 30 years in the fitness business, Jillian, who has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun, uses her fighting and fitness education and skills in several roles including a certified personal trainer, a certified group instructor, and a certified kickboxing instructor. Jillian is also the creator of Fighting Spirit Warriors, a fitness for self-defense program aimed at girls and women.

Jillian is currently writing the book Fighting Spirit Warriors: Why Being Physically Fit is Vital for Self-Defense Against Rape, Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence and is also working on her first fitness DVD, which will be available in the summer of 2013.


Jillian Bullock’s websites:;




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Life Transformation-A Fall to New Heights by Sidney Andrews

A Fall to New Heights –

a Life  Transformation

Contributed by Sidney Andrews


My story is provocative and poignant as it details a life transformation unexpected in my wildest dreams. It speaks to my life and love of/for another woman, a metamorphosis that took place following my chance encounter with Kate at a prayer meeting in August of 1973. Husbands, children, family, nor friends would be spared the fury of the tumultuous and devastating storms this chance meeting would elicit, or the fall out that would surely ensue.

It speaks to my thunderous fall from the insidious and slowly crumbling pedestal on which my family, friends and prayer partners had placed both Kate and me on seeing us as perfect wives, mothers and friends. For a time, we were drawn to the depths of hell where the painful existence of living double lives exacted a horrendous toll on our psyches. We were living a lie and our spirits were shriveling and dying little by little.

Mine is a riveting and enduring story, as it reveals the struggle, tragedy and triumph of two women who, having fallen from grace, didn’t know if they’d ever recover and learn to fly again. It captures succinctly the myriad questions that plagued our minds and hearts. How could this happen? Why us? What do we do now? We had husbands, children, beautiful homes, families, friends and all the security life could offer.

Were we willing to risk it all for the seduction of an unexpected and unsought after love that knew no boundaries? Would we sacrifice this love that had found us, for our husbands and children, or would we choose the road less traveled, a road that would demand the absolute truth at every turn; a path that would entail the execution, or the death of blame and excuses, in exchange for trust and faith in ourselves and the unknown?

The inspirational story of a woman's love for another woman and how it became a life transformaton.It appeared our images, once graced by love, were in the process of being destroyed by love; a love we couldn’t explain, nor understand. Even the years of spiritual learning and growth that Kate and I had enjoyed from the first we met, seemed all too fruitless as we faced the fearful unknown.

This is a story of an incredible and often miraculous journey of a life transformation that proved and challenged my mind and spirit. It is a powerful, yet painful story of faith, love, tough choices and learning to fly again. My life’s journey is an emotionally charged story that spans the bridge between love and loathing, sadness and joy, anger and understanding and perhaps in the final analysis respect for two women, who in the face of painful choices, wrought with dire consequences, did not choose the path of least resistance.

My loving another woman broke all the rules and crossed the boundaries of what is acceptable in society and what is not. It’s much more than a love story. It speaks to the risks, responsibility and the ridding oneself of fears; it’s about baring the truth with all the good, bad and ugly that it personifies; moreover, it’s a spiritual journey that not only defies, but soars above reason and logic!

Mine is a life-changing story that showed me the strength of the human spirit when confronted with adversity, indecision, fear and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and choices that are often and unexpectedly laid at our feet as we journey through life.

A life transformation - a fall to new heights is a love story of one woman for another, and ultimately for herselfI discovered the authentic truth of God’s love for me in spite of my circumstances. When my life was thrown off track, unraveling and falling apart, I realized the power of truth, trust, faith and the indomitable spirit within.  The proof of my trust in self and a power greater reflected a God whose vision penetrated far beneath my physical being, to my mind, heart and spirit.  As I put one foot in front of the other, facing a world unknown to me, it was clear that God didn’t base His love on “what” I was, but rather “who” I was, and how much I was willing to trust Him.

I’ve learned to approach all problems, obstacles and events from the world behind my eyes, where the essence of each one of us dwells. I’ve discovered that living my authentic truth and best life, enables me to give the best of who I am to others. My greatest lesson has been learning to listen to my spirit for guidance, rather than the ego that would attempt to manipulate and control my life’s journey.

Today, thirty-nine years later, Kate and I continue to grow together. We’ve learned the value of living from our essence or spirit. The world outside ourselves holds no power unless we give it permission. We’ve realized that “our thoughts will take us anywhere we want to go, or keep us from getting there.” Moreover, we’ve discovered the first line of defense, is to go within for the answers we seek.

Metamorphosis - Your Stories of transformation and self-realization

Life is full of surprises and unexpected events.  It’s how you manuever through life’s journey, with its twists and turns,  that determines whether or not you live your best life and give of your best self.

Sidney Andrews – Bio

A Fall to New Heights - A Life Transformation

Sidney Andrews is an author, encouragement speaker and retired nurse with a degree in psychology. Her first book is a memoir titled “A Fall to New Heights.” Though it’s a provocative and compelling love story that speaks to an unexpected lifestyle change, the thrust of the book is spiritual in nature, as well as empowering, encouraging, inspiring and renewing.

Her second book is titled “Journey into Thought: Awakening to Spirit.”  It speaks to the power of our thoughtsThe story of a woman's awakening spirit and her love for another woman and living from spirit

Sidney Andrews is a mother of three grown children. She is an author, encouragement speaker and contributing writer for You can view her articles at:

Her passions include writing to empower, encourage, inspire and renew the dreams, visions and goals of those  searching for the answers to living their authentic truth and best lives. She loves spending time learning and growing spiritually with her partner,family and friends and values the solace that her 25×80 foot garden offers, when she’s caring for or just sitting about and taking it all in. Sidney retired to Port St. Lucie, FL nine years ago, with her partner, Kate, of thirty-nine years.


How to submit a story to Metamorphosis - Your Stories

Just What Is Metamorphosis-Your Stories?

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences.  All events are blessings given to us to learn from.”     Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Metamorphosis-Your stories of transformation and self-realization

             Just What is Metamorphosis-Your Stories?

Metamorphosis-Your Stories is intended to be a place of inspiration. Just as in the tradition of Native American story telling,  each one of you in your own way fills in a section of the larger narrative, giving us a fuller sense of life’s possibilities.  Storytelling passes on personal experiences so they transcend to shared experiences.   My intention is to share stories which can heal,  encourage and motivate the reader.  It will weave a tapestry of narratives about  individuals who have been profoundly changed and reshaped by a life-altering event. 

Have you experienced an event which has transformed your life?    If so,  I invite you to participate in this journey of inspiration and hope by sharing the story of your personal transformation.  Please reach out to me via the “how to submit your story” page for details on how to submit a narrative in this Metamorphosis-Your Stories.

Why not “pay it forward and help these weave tales of inspiration and hope.  Thank you.  Laurel