Interviews with inspirational writer and artist Laurel D. Rund

It’s All About Hope and Infinite Possibilities


This summer, at the ADEC conference, I was interviewed by Open to Hope about my book and the journey I have been on since my husband Marty passed away.  The opportunities which have come my way during this journey have been infinite because I remain “open to hope.”  Laurel


After all these years – A story of hope and infinite possibilities!

I was privileged to be interviewed by Jennifer Walker and Marty Fugate on Arts Talk WSLR 96.5 FM on October 12th.  The interview describes my journey into poetry, art and music.  Enjoy!   Laurel      

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After All These Years

After all these years, I have knocked at my inner child’s door

and asked her to come out to play!

Although she was stored away and hushed into silence

for a very long time, she came out with a smile on her face.

We decide to venture out, to live life fully,

to blossom and become one.

When my inner child dances,

my feet move to a newfound rhythm.

When she steps on a crack, I step outside my bounds.

When she giggles, I laugh whole-heartedly and out loud.

When she loves, I become tender and open.

And, when my inner child sings from her heart,

I sing from my soul.

The child within me has been transformed.

As I hold her hand in mine, so have I.

© 2009 Laurel D. Rund