Laurel’s Kitchen by Laurel D. Rund

Laurel’s Kitchen

Sometimes it’s fun and intriguing to bring back an oldie but goodie.   The  poem and artwork titled Laurel’s Kitchen is in my book Emerging Voices-Living On.

It surfaced and peeked its head out today and said – “remember me”?   The words and art are as important to me now as they were when created.   Please enjoy this old and proven recipe!

Poem and artwork about the book Laurel's Kitchen

By chance, a friend found a cookbook named “Laurel’s Kitchen”.

The serendipity of this discovery gave me pause to reflect about my life.

Just what are the ingredients, when put together,

that will create a delectable and scrumptious dish?

What ought to be added and what are the exact measurements?

How does it all get kneaded together?

Should I let the mixture sit undisturbed so that everything blends and finds its balance?

How long will it take to cook up this perfect dish?

And, when tasting my concoction, will I remember to stop and

relish what feeds my heart and enriches my spirit.

I have come to appreciate that life does not come with a cookbook.

When in a place of stillness and gratitude, I remember that being alive

brings the possibility of a new recipe each and every day.

That’s when I know for sure that I am in “Laurel’s Kitchen”!

Laurel D. Rund (c) 2011


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