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Art from the Heart – Laurel D. Rund – the Essence of Laurel

Laurel’s art is filled with movement, light and imagination.  Her unique and inspirational Art from the Heart makes a perfect gift for the holidays or special occasions.  When visitors step inside Laurel’s booth, they are intrigued and look at her art with their heart – because Laurel’s work tells a story for each individual to interpret.

If you are looking for a special piece of art which will grace your space, look at Laurel’s inspirational Art from the Heart and consider purchasing a piece.  The artwork will tell the story you see, and you will know what that story is each time you look up at the piece you purchased.

If you cannot attend one of the art shows Laurel is participating in, don’t worry – you can purchase her inspirational and unique Art From the Heart on her  Fine Art America Store.  Or, if you have a question about a particular piece, please email Laurel directly at

Art from the Heart - the Essence of Laurel Booth

Essence of Laurel Booth