Essence of Laurel
Essence of Laurel

Art from the Heart- Inspirational and Unique!


Laurel's inspirational and colorful creations will delight you with their distinctive look and feel. Her Art from the Heart is filled with whimsical and dreamlike weaves of color, movement and light.  Enjoy this video sampling of Laurel's artwork.

Words Matter by Laurel D. Rund

A young girl enjoying the art and words in my table top book Words Matter. A beautiful and unique gift to give to someone special in your life.

Art from the Heart Notecards

Laurel's 5 x 7 art notecards can be framed and collectible.

The Shop - Art from the Heart

Art from the Heart is Inspirational and Unique!

One day at an art show, a man walked into the Essence of Laurel booth. He was very taken by my work and asked me, “where within you does this come from?”

I pointed to my heart and said, “right here - it is story art from my heart.” The man smiled and said, “I can see that.” It was then that I knew the name for my artwork  should be Art from the Heart.  It comes from a place within me that is spiritually creative and unique.

Many people ask me, when viewing my work, “What is that – is it a photograph? Is it a painting? What medium do you use?”  Digital tools have given me the freedom to create captivating and unique art for home and heart. Here is a description of my medium:

“I digitally combine my photographs, pastels, and drawings, and  blend them to create a new composition.  I then go into my digital toolbox and create new colors, shapes, lines, curves, details, and perspectives ~ until the piece speaks to me and tells me its name.


The words I hear most often at art shows, when people encounter at my work, are “inspirational” and “moving.” It is then that I know that my unique art has touched someone’s spirit and found its purpose. 

For me, the best description of 'Art From the Heart'  is that it is bestowed by life and embroidered by imagination!

Questions or Special Requests

Questions about custom prints, please email me and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you, Laurel

Essence of Laurel - Laurel D. Rund

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