I Blinked My Eyes and My Life Happened

I Blinked My Eyes by Laurel D. Rund

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” – Buddha

I wrote this poem in 2003, reflecting about my sons and how quickly time had slipped away.   Then, in 2009, after my husband Marty passed ~ this poem took on a deeper meaning.   It has been revised to be reflective of my thoughts of today.   Even though the essence of this poem is one of regret,  I now understand that one should stay in the present moment because, truthfully,  that is all we have!

I Blinked My Eyes
The wise ones told me not to do it ~ but I was young and foolish.
Challenges surrounded me
and I wished them away, just wished them away.
I blinked my eyes ~ I blinked my eyes
and my life happened.
Thinking things would be  better down the road.
Suddenly it happened ~
I blinked my eyes and time melted away!
It just melted away.
Gently but so swiftly life unrolled itself ~
time was flying,  slipping away, just slipping away.
Now I miss those moments that are lost forever.
Because I know ~ I wished them away,
just wished them away.
And, as foretold
I blinked my eyes ~ I blinked my eyes
and my life happened!
© 2010 Laurel D. Rund

Please listen to the song I Blinked My Eyes

composed and sung by Philip W. Leber.

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  1. I found the poem to be eloquently simple, and profoundly so true and Very nicely put to music as well. thank you

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