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Emerging Voices…Living On: A Journey Through Loss to Renewal

Emerging Voices by Laurel D. Rund








We all know someone who has lost a loved one, or been through a tragedy … but never know just what to say or do. My book is for that friend. It’s purpose is to inspire healing, hope and to reaffirm life.

Emotional disclosure, a pathway to healing. Laurel’s words and images allow a deep exploration of a personal gracefilled healing and reflection. Powerful pondering…beautiful words and incredible art.”  

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Metamorphosis – Your Stories

Metamorphosis-Your Stores by Laurel D. Rund of Essence of Laurel

Metamorphosis - Your Stories  is a collection of  narratives contributed by  individuals whose lives have been profoundly reshaped by transformative events ~ weaving a tapestry of inspiration and hope for others.  It’s all about “paying it forward."

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